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Hello, I’m Anthony, a Product Manager from Antwerp (Belgium). I've lived and worked on three continents, and have graduate degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Business Administration. That said, I enjoy nothing more than working with talented people at the cusp of engineering, product and sales where technology meets the market.

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    Anthony Wijnen
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    5th of August 1986
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Ozmo Devices

applications Engineer | Palo Alto

Sept 2010 - March 2012

As an application engineer I was the primary liaison between our first-tier CE customers and the engineering team. I provided technical sales and operational support, interfacing directly with product executives and overseas ODMs. I guided numerous projects to mass-production on time, on budget and on scope. Ozmo was acquired by Atmel in 2012.

Sandbox Industries

Product Manager | San Francisco

March 2012 - May 2013

SBX is the crossroads of venture capital and startup incubation. I was responsible for discovering, analyzing and launching new business ideas leveraging the company’s financial, development and design resources. I co-founded CareSimply and ScoutAlarm, for which we raised over $600K in financing and attracted hundreds of paying customers.


Head of product | Antwerp

May 2013 - current

Locotalk developed a low-code application platform and a semantic graph database to offer better business software solutions to modern enterprises. I'm in charge of both early business development and managing the entire product lifecycle. This includes gathering customer requirements, front-end engineering and UX design. We are currently in private beta.


I love to learn new things. It's as simple as that. Balancing personal interests, with career relevance and institutional excellence, led me to some of the world's finest universities in Belgium, France, China and the USA.


KU Leuven

BSC in Electrical engineering
2004 - 2007
Leuven, Belgium


ku leuven

MSC in Electrical engineering
2007 - 2009
Leuven, Belgium


Emlyon business school

MSC in Business Administration
2009 - 2010
Lyon, Hangzhou, Boston


Flatiron School

Web Development bootcamp
Jan 2013 - Apr 2013
New York, USA

Education is not preparation for life,
education is life itself.


For some reason I didn't like software all that much growing up. Moving to Silicon Valley quickly changed that. The world went digital before my very eyes and programming became the new literacy. I've been teaching myself different languages, tools and frameworks ever since. Front-end development and UX design are my primary focus today.

html5 & css3

I've become a real frontend enthusiast and consider myself well-versed on the latest front-end development techniques.


In my current position I've been writing and reading lots of JavaScript code. It's my go-to programming language.


For utility purposes I chose to learn a modern JavaScript framework that would allow me to quickly build and deploy experimental apps.


My favorite UX design tool is Sketch. Originally I started out with Photoshop. Believe me, once you try Sketch, there's no going back.


Sublime Text 3 is my text editor of choice. I've dabbled with WebStorm but that was too complex. I'm waiting for something like Light Table.


You're looking at a Webflow site . I like that its controls map 100% to HTML and CSS. Combined with the ease of deployment it's a real winner.


Keeping your CSS clean, understandable and maintainable is a real hassle. I found that Sass makes it a lot easier and more elegant.


I picked up GIT the moment I started coding. At Locotalk, we use it on a very large code-base, with seven developers working remotely.

Agile project management

At Locotalk I manage the product requirements and development sprints to get the job done. We're using Pivotal Tracker for task management.

uml Modeling

Locotalk is all about data modeling. I learned UML, to be able to translate real world requirements into models and use Visual Paradigm to do so.


Ruby on Rails was the first web framework I used, which consequently introduced me to SQL. I know enough to get by.


Having worked with Meteor, I picked up MongoDB. I'm by no means an expert but I understand the essentials.

digital ocean & AWS

I primarily use kadira/mup to deploy Meteor apps to Digital Ocean. I've also played around with Amazon EC2 and S3.


It was at Flatiron School that I really fell in love with programming. Here I used Ruby extensively for three months. I want to use it more.


Flatiron School also introduced my to Rails. I've built a handful of small applications during that time, but have turned to the JS ecosystem since.


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